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Your Experince of Yoga Classes by Elena

'Lovely yoga classes. Have most definitely been a help for my Piriformis syndrome. Elena is a lovely yoga instructor and always has time for you.
Definitely recommend her classes. Thank you Elena.'

Mark Ganderton

''As a newcomer to Yoga myself I have found these classes very helpful for my joints, as well as relaxing after a busy day.  Elena adds variety to each class and is very encouraging, which helps to push yourself a little bit more each week.  I would recommend these classes'

Sheila Hobbs

'I've been taking classes with Elena for over a year now. She is very competent in demonstrating all the movements - indeed that is an understatement - she is very impressive in performing them and inspirational in showing what can be achieved with practice. She also understands the psychological aspects that hold individuals back by their own limiting beliefs - 'You can't do it only because you believe you can't!' As a result even I can do a headstand - quite an achievement for an old boy like me. While Elena takes yoga very seriously, she is always ready to be lighthearted and has fun. They are relaxing sessions and nobody is pressurised. Highly recommended!'

Philip Harrison

'If you are thinking about trying yoga or taking it up again after a break, these classes are for you. They are professional but friendly and tailored for the level of experience of the group.
Each session is carefully planned, taking you from a gentle warm up for different parts of the body to more challenging positions and poses when you are ready. There is no time to get bored as there is always a challenge around the corner!'

Linda Scott

'The classes are designed to help you to work on alleviating shoulder tightness, back and neck pain and in some instances, headaches. In Elena’s classes, you are well looked after. She is inspiring, enthusiastic, and holds deep knowledge of yogic practise. I would highly recommend giving the classes a try, you will not be disappointed.'
Aida Young

'I strongly recommend Elena`s Yoga classes to any person who wants to improve their life quality by improving their mental and physical health.  After attending Elena’s yoga classes, my husbands back pain has stopped after years seeking medical help. Elena has shown my husband and I certain movements that we incorporate into our lifestyles daily. The movements are adapted to focus on the individual.'

Svetlana Chereshneva

''I adore yoga classes with Lena! What a nice feeling in muscles you didn't even know you have. She is very professional, finds individual approach to every student. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing. You just recharge your batteries during Lena's class and get ready for the following week!'  

Eketarina Mu

'I really enjoy my yoga classes with Elena. As a teacher she makes the classes fun but she is also ambitious for her students which pushes you on. Elena is very outgoing and is interested in her students, she is very personable.'

Joanna Adam

'Elena is an excellent yoga teacher and coach. Her classes are inspirational and from being sceptical I am now a convert and see and feel the real benefits that good yoga brings. My lower back problems are under control because of her thoughtful exercises and advice. I recommend her very much.'

Christopher Duff

'The amount of knowledge that I have obtained at Yoga by Elena is life-changing. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience. I grew an enormous amount intellectually, spiritually and emotionally over two years. I appreciate its clarity, commitment and broad knowledge and experience. Once again, it is more than just a yoga, it is a life affirming experience. I highly recommend Yoga by Elena to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life!'

Oleg Chereshnev

'Elena is very passionate about Yoga and she brings this passion to everyone.

She is very dedicated and thoughtful yoga teacher and her classes are designed for everyone-newcomers or advanced yogies. Come along and you will be surprised that you will want to return to the class again and open new secrets of Yoga with Elena.'

Elena Teblyashkina

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