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Yoga for You

My Personal Journey
Northampton, UK

I started yoga in 2004, almost accidently, having come to the studio for a completely different class. Since then I have never stopped.  I found myself developing my practice and getting deeper into all that yoga can offer, exploring and experiencing the transformation that it brought into my life.

It is not an exaggeration to say that yoga classes cured the auto immune disease I had at that time.  It was also crucial to my personal development and self-discovery which, as I know now, never stops and will continue while ever I breathe.

Yoga has brought so much inspiration, freedom and joy into my life that I was determined to share it, first with teaching yoga classes to my friends and, since 2015, teaching yoga in Milton Keynes to others who are curious to experience it.  I used to offer one-hour classes, twice a week in the evening, to fit with my full time job at that time.  Then in June 2017 I completed my diploma (200 hours) teacher training course, accredited by Yoga Alliance.

This then allowed me to go full time teaching yoga classes in Milton Keynes and Northampton, offering classes in community halls, companies as well as teaching privately.

All my being is a testament that yoga classes are a powerful tool, and I wholeheartedly believe that everyone can benefit and learn from doing yoga indeed. As a teacher, I experience the most enjoyment and satisfactionfrom seeing my students practice, develop and then grow.

How do You Feel?

Do you ever:

  • Feel tired or sluggish

  • Put the wellbeing of others ahead of your own

  • Feel stressed or overwhelmed

  • Have difficulty sleeping

  • Feel uncomfortable in your body

  • Wish you could connect to your own power and intuition

You're not alone

Northampton, UK
I am here to support your practice
Sunset at Campbell park, Milton Keynes, UK
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