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Why do we need Yoga Classes?

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

We live in a technology-driven world; one of the aspects of which is that the life has become a bit faster! The number of daily tasks, the tons of information we process daily, stressful deadlines, our family lives and commitments – it can all be very overwhelming. It’s not a surprise that most of us feel like a squeezed lemon by the end of the day. Sometimes we even don’t have enough energy to get ourselves into a peaceful and restful sleep. In a nutshell, the modern lifestyle is taking us apart, and we end up in pieces.

Yoga is something that allows us to glue these pieces together, that fills us with energy, and allows us to discover lost potential.

Yoga is a method, an art and a science developed around 3000 BC. In a yoga class, you moving from posture to posture, using your breath. You’ll be encouraged to keep your awareness of breath, as in doing so, your mind will be connecting to your body. The only thing you’ll be thinking about is using your mind to observing your breath and body movement – and this in turn steadies the mind.

When you enter a yoga class after a busy day, when your mind is still reeling, mulling over tasks you need to complete, your head is still wrapped up in everything you still need to sort out. By the end of a class, we observe a huge transformation. Our breath isn’t shallow and erratic; our mind is at peace, and the world is smiling back at us! One hour of yoga is simply a chance to step aside, take a gulp of fresh air and connect the split pieces of ourselves into the wholesome whole, ready to take on the world again.

I run yoga classes in several venues around Milton Keynes. If you’d like to set aside an hour for yourself, to reset your body and mind, book in now at

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