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 Why choose my yoga classes?

I am one of few yoga teachers who demonstrates, explains postures and observes the yoga class participants at the same time.

It helps me to be on the same wavelength and able to respond best to what my students experience during the class.

My approach is very personal and welcoming. I create a supportive environment for people wether they are trying yoga for the first time, are returning students or are hard core addicts! That probably explains why I still have students who joined my yoga class in 2013!

I encourage students to connect with their own bodies using yogic postures, their breath and props so as to recognise their limitations and then progress. My classes are a safe and friendly environment to exercise and relax. I am using different sequences and postures in every class to work on different muscle groups.

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The time and location for Yoga by Elena Classes make them a great alternative to being stuck in the traffic jam both, on M1 and A5 in Milton Keynes, and A45 in Northampton

I offer Monday Intermediate and Beginners Yoga Class in Willen pavilion and Tuesday Yoga for Beginners Class in the The Old Bath House, Wolverton in Milton Keynes and Wednesday Hardingstone Yoga for beginners Class in Northampton. All three places are near the main roads - M1, A5 and A45 making these yoga classes easy for commuters who want to spend otherwise wasted time taking care of their bodies!

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All Yoga by Elena Classes are Pay As you Go, £8.00 per a class in Milton Keynes and £7.00 - in Northampton.

I am trying to help my students to wrap their yoga class around their busy and full of commitments lives. Yoga by Elena Classes are there to offer rather than make you to get on another commitment on your endless list. If something is not working out the other week you don’t have to stress yourselves and try whatever cost not to lose your money. It might be a disappointment for me but leave it to me to work on it!

Apart from weekly Yoga Classes I offer Office Lunch and Event Yoga Classes at Buckingamshire and Northamptonshire.

This 50 min are all that is needed to interrupt a typical day of hunched backs, stress and busyness and replace it with the movement and breath. These lunch yoga classes will leave you the participants feeling lighter and more energised. It will decrease staff time off work and improve their productivity. Participating in the same activity could be very bonding and might help with any office hostility issues.

I will provide yoga mats and props. You only need to have a space to fit up at least 10 yoga mats – a conference hall or meeting room could be an ideal venue.

If you would like to bring yoga to your work place please get in touch with me!

My Classes and Tuition

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Monday Willen Intermediate Yoga Class

6.15 - 7.15pm

Monday WillenYoga for Beginners Class

7.30 - 8.30pm

Wednesday HardingstoneYoga for beginners Class

6:00-7:00 pm

Flow of Movement

Friday Willen Yoga Flow Class

3:30 - 4.30pm

Corporate / Office Lunch Yoga class

Yoga for Beginners

Stretch and Control

Private Tuition and Support

Time as agreed

Build your practice and improve your concentration


Wolverton Yoga for Beginners Class



Classes are suitable for new to yoga students as well as those with more experience.  I will offer modifications and adjustments, where needed, so that each student can experience the postures and can participate at their own ability.


I encourage students to practice with awareness and within the range of movement available to them, providing a safe, relaxing and inclusive environment, using blocks, foams, blankets and belts.

Please contact me; e mail or phone, if you want to book a class or explore private tuition.

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