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I might be one of the rare yoga teachers who demonstrates, explains postures and observes the yoga class participants at the same time. It helps me to be on the same vibe and feel best what my students experience during the class. My approach is very personal and that probably explains why I still have students who started my yoga class in 2013. I encourage students to learn how to connect with their own bodies using their breath in order to reach their limitations and progress.  My classes are safe and friendly environment to exercise and relax. I am using different sequences and postures every weekly class to work on different muscle groups.

McAfee Testimonials

I really look forward to the weekly Yoga class held by Elena at our offices in Aylesbury. In particular, I appreciate how Elena varies the Yoga postures that we try from week to week and leads the class through preparatory exercises toward an interesting new challenge. After class, I feel more relaxed, focused and experience significantly reduced stress. In addition, I find relief from sitting at a desk in a constrained posture improves my well being and physical health at work. Anthony Bartram, Principal Software Engineer at McAffee, Aylesbury Office


I can’t recommend Elena enough, we have yoga lessons during lunch time each week and Elena’s yoga lessons make us feel energise for the rest of the week. Thank you so much Elena! Georgina Cataldi, Product Specialist at McAfee Aylesbury Office


‘The lunch yoga class taught by Elena is fun, energising and relaxing. The yoga class is one of the benefits of my company that makes it a Good Place to work. I cannot recommend Elena highly enough’ Monica Durante, Computer Software Specialist at McAfee


‘Lunchtime yoga class is hugely beneficial. I have been meaning to take-up yoga or pilates for a while, but with a busy family life, it's been hard to find the right opportunity. The lunchtime slot is ideal. I'm getting the benefits that I wanted to gain, namely improved posture, better strength, and more awareness of my body, as well as the middle-of-the-day slot providing a great mental break from the stresses of work!’ Robert Jones , Software Engineering Manager at McAfee


‘I also wanted to thank you for doing such a great job teaching yoga. I have really enjoyed the classes and have felt it’s helped me both mentally and physically, even if I can’t do most of the more difficult moves I always give it a try!’  Joanne Cowdrey, Site Event Project Manager at McAfee


‘… the good thing is that the classes keep feeling more straight and toned since I am doing the yoga classes.’José Ignacio Fernández del Campo Aguado, Technical Support Engineer, Customer Success Group




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My Classes and Tuition

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Monday Willen Intermediate Yoga Class

6.15 - 7.15pm

Flow of Movement

Monday WillenYoga for Beginners Class

7.30 - 8.30pm

Tuesday Wolverton Yoga for Beginners Class

6:00 - 7:00 pm

Wednesday HardingstoneYoga for beginners Class

6:00-7:00 pm

Yoga for Beginners

Stretch and Control


Friday Woolstone Yoga Flow Class

1:30 - 2.30pm

Private Tuition and Support

Time as agreed

Corporate Yoga class with McAfee


Build your practice and improve your concentration

Classes are suitable for new to yoga students as well as those with more experience.  I will offer modifications and adjustments, where needed, so that each student can experience the postures and can participate at their own ability.


I encourage students to practice with awareness and within the range of movement available to them, providing a safe, relaxing and inclusive environment, using blocks, foams, blankets and belts.

Please contact me; e mail or phone, if you want to book a class or explore private tuition.

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