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What Are Tight Shoulders Complaining About?

We hold our past in our bodies just as surely as we hold memories of the past in our minds. The emotional responses formed in our minds are experienced in and through our bodies. Most of the time we're even not noticing these responses because they happen behind our conscious mind. Retracting the neck and head in our shoulders is a fundamental part of the fear response making our shoulders move way too close to our ears.

Spending most of our wakeful time behind computers and scrolling through our smartphones, driving also doesn't create good postural habits. As a result, 'high' shoulders and ' pulled forward' neck involve lots of muscular work and creates tension in our neck and shoulder muscles which are not designed to hold our heavy heads. In some cases this tightness could be an obstacle for a good blood supply into the brain and cause for headaches.

I offer you 40 min video designed to work on your neck, shoulder and back muscles. Hope you will enjoy it and please leave me a feedback in ‘comments’ section on YouTube.

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